Senator: Impeachment stops congressional action

Sen. Scott: Good to be “home, with real people” w- Impeachment Statements. 



Congressional action that would directly improve the lives of Americans has ground to a virtual halt by the potential impeachment of President Trump, South Carolina’s junior senator, Tim Scott, said last Tuesday.

Meeting with local constituents at the Laurens County Chamber of Commerce during the Congressional Thanksgiving break, Scott said, “I want to give a quick Congressional update - OK, I’m done. We are just not getting it done.”

Congressional Democrats, he said, have no interest in topics like lowering drug prices and extending the longest economic explosion in U.S. history. Scott said Congress must take action to extend military spending, but “we really have some challenges.”

He said he was glad to be able to “be home and be with real people.”

Scott said he knows American farmers, ranchers and agriculture/commodities producers have taken the toughest blow from the administration’s trade negotiations with communist China. However, he said, the Chinese appear more willing to sign a deal now than at any time in the last two years.”

“China’s goal is to steal the future. They pose a unique threat - an economic threat. (It is) who controls the future work of the world. Their economy is 50 percent of our economy, and we don’t want them to wreck our economy. In the next two to four weeks, we should be on solid ground,” Scott said. “We have ignored China for 30 years. We need to use other weapons in our arsenal rather than tariffs - it’s time to pull the chain on Chinese students in the U.S.”

The Trump administration’s goal is to cut down illegal immigration and have a more robust system of legal immigration - “close the back door and lock it,” said Scott, a Presbyterian College graduate and member of the Senate Banking Committee. 

From a family-based system, the United States needs to evolve to a system of merit - to determine “which immigrants meet the needs of our economy,” he said. “We have 70,000 open jobs in South Carolina.”

To reduce the nation’s huge deficit, Scott said the nation is going to have to address the 69 percent of federal spending that the Congress does not control; for instance, $400 billion in veterans’ benefits. “People my age are going to have to retire later. I can handle that, if you give me one and half to two years to adjust,” Scott said. And, he said, the U.S. must continue to grow its economy - “2 percent annual growth will mean a $3 trillion deficit reduction over the next decade.”

And, “we need to spend less money,” Scott said.

Answering more local questions, the Charleston-based senator said rural hospitals can be helped by having fewer federal regulations in how the states handle Medicaid, and said he would be willing to make a call in support of a Boeing aeronautics apprenticeship “pipeline” for School Districts 56 and 55. Speaking to the communication and strong connections among internationally-known businesses recruited to South Carolina, Senator Scott said, “Our state is growing smaller as our industries have grown larger.”




WASHINGTON, D.C. – Majority Whip James E. Clyburn Made The Following Comments After His Weekly Whip Meeting This Morning Regarding Speaker Pelosi’s Announcement That She Is Instructing The Judiciary Committee To Begin Drafting Articles Of Impeachment Against The President Of The United States. 

“I Thought It Was A Great Speech. It Was One Of Those Unforgettable Speeches. I Thought Her Tone Was Reflective Of The Times We Are In.  As I Said To Her In The Meeting Just Then, Her Oft Stated Quote From Thomas Paine, ‘The Times Have Found Us,’ I Think Is Very Apropos To This.  And I Have Said Often In A Follow Up To Her Statement That Thomas Paine Also Wrote In That Little Pamphlet Called The CrisisThat ‘These Are Times That Try Men’s Soul And Summer Soldiers And Sunshine Patriots Will, In This Crisis, Shrink From The Service Of Their Country; But He That Stands By It Now, Deserves The Love And Thanks Of Man And Woman. Tyranny, Like Hell, Is Not Easily Conquered.’ And So, I Think What We Have Here Is Times That Call For Real Patriots, Not Sunshine Patriots, But Real Patriots Who Stand Up In Defense Of This Country.  This Is A Republic, And I Hope We Can Keep It.

“I Mentioned In The Whip Meeting This Morning This Is Not An Issue That We Are Going To Whip. This Is An Issue That We Think Each And Every One Of Our Members Takes Stock Of Who We Are, And What We Are, And What Kind Of Country We Want To Have. I Think Some Of The Professors On Yesterday Made It Clear That If These Activities Are Not Impeachable, Then We Probably Ought To Amend The Constitution Of The United States And Get Rid Of Impeachment Altogether. 

“I Did Say To The Caucus This Morning, That My Own Personal Philosophy Which I Keep Right Over My Head, At My Desk, Is A Little Poster Of A Turtle. I Have Been Worshipping Turtles Since My Childhood.  I Have Them Scattered All Over My Office And All Over My Home.  The Turtle To Me Is A Metaphor For Public Service.  The Shell Is There To Protect Us From All That Surrounds Us, But If You Ever Want To Make Progress, The Turtle Has To Stick Its Neck Out.  I Think If We Want To Make Progress, We Will Do What Is Necessary And Sometimes That Entails Sticking Your Neck Out.  We Can Be Safe Under The Shell, But I Hope That We All Want To Make Progress For This Great Country Of Ours. And I Hope, That As We Move Forward On This Question, That The Rest Of The Country Sees Us As Being Protectors Of This Great Republic.”  

-- House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, D - SC



Duncan on Democrats’ Shameful Impeachment Quest


Washington, D.C. – Congressman Jeff Duncan (SC-03) released a statement following Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement that the Democrat-led House of Representatives will proceed with Articles of Impeachment against President Donald J. Trump.


“It’s astounding to watch Speaker Pelosi pretend Democrats have taken this process solemnly and seriously, when it has been a predetermined outcome since January 2017. This has been – for a long time – a verdict looking for a crime.


“The facts remain on President Trump’s side. If the supposed crimes are beyond a reasonable doubt, why do you need to bring in liberal law professors, with a history of anti-Trump bias, to discuss what exactly the crimes are?


“Democrats’ quest to impeach the President over the Russian collusion hoax failed. The Mueller investigation only resulted in convictions of crimes unrelated to candidate Trump, or, President Trump. The Democrats’ narrative crumbled after 22 months of investigating, 2,800 subpoenas issued, 500 witnesses interviewed, and over $25 million tax dollars spent.


“So, they had to move on to the next shiny object – Ukraine. The House Intelligence Committee’s investigation led by Chairman Adam Schiff in the Capitol basement provided no material facts, just hearsay, conjecture, opinions differing from the President on foreign policy, and personal biases. 


“This is a sham – and the American people know it. There is no evidence and there is no case. All that exists is an enormous hatred for the man in the White House. The Democrats are setting a horrible precedent by attempting to impeach a President, without evidence, over disagreements in policies and personal dislike for the person holding the Office of the President of the United States.”




4 indisputable facts that will never change and are fatal to every Democrat allegation against President Trump:

  • The July 25 call summary—the best evidence of the conversation—shows no conditionality or evidence of pressure.
  • President Zelensky and President Trump have both said there was no pressure on the call.
  • The Ukrainian government was not aware of a hold on U.S. security assistance at the time of the July 25 call.
  • President Trump met with President Zelensky and U.S. security assistance flowed to Ukraine in September 2019—without Ukraine investigating President Trump’s political rivals.


Regarding the predetermined outcome, The Washington Post published an article on January 20, 2017 at 12:19pm EST entitled, “The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun.”


Previous quote from Speaker Nancy Pelosi: “Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path because it divides the country.”


Previous quote from Chairman Jerry Nadler: “There must never be a narrowly-voted impeachment, or an impeachment substantially supported by one of our major political parties and largely opposed by the other. Such an impeachment would lack legitimacy.”


The only bipartisan vote on impeachment was against opening the inquiry.

-- Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-3rd SC-Laurens.



SCGGOP Chairman Drew McKissick's Statement on Speaker Pelosi's Impeachment Announcement
Columbia, SC. – South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Drew McKissick released the following statement today regarding Nancy Pelosi’s announcement that House Democrats will move forward with their sham impeachment process:
“Throughout this entire process, we have watched House Democrats deny President Trump due process, ignore crucial facts, and present a partisan case aimed at overturning the 2016 election. By supporting this witch hunt, Rep. Joe Cunningham has shown that he will always put the views of the socialist squad over those of Lowcountry voters. Instead of wasting time on this stunt, Democrats should be working with Republicans to pass the USMCA, secure the border, and lower healthcare costs. These hearings are a stunt and they will backfire on Democrats come 2020."



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