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LETTER: A cancer treatment that is not chemotherapy.



The editor

Last month I was diagnosed with basil cell carcinoma of my nose. Second time in 15 years cancer returned to this area of my body. The doctors in Greenville recommended one of two procedures. 

“Mohs” surgery. This is where the doctors start cutting layers of skin until they get to good skin tissues or run out of nose tissue. The other being regular radiation, which burns and destroys all the tissues thru your entire body in the local area. Chemotherapy is the follow up treatment after the surgery recommended by your medial staff. 

I have had cancer treatment at the most modern and advanced program called proton radiation in Jacksonville Fla. Matter of fact, I had lung cancer and was treated with 4 radiation treatment in 4 days. They shared with me that my cancer was located on the periphery edge of my left lung. No local area doctor ever mentioned these facts. Why this fact was not shared with me is puzzling. With the proton radiation center most advanced radiation machine and the ability to control the focus plus the angle in three dimensions, it could be killed with 4 treatments of radiation. Minimum damage to the surrounding tissue.    

That was 10 years ago. Still cancer free in that location.

Last week I e-mailed Provision Proton Cancer Center and shared my new diagnoses of cancer of my nose. They asked for permission to collect my medical records. I was accepted and counseled with one of their staff doctors. Last Monday they ran an MRI and made the mask and body cast to hold me in place. They have the most modern and updated radiation equipment with a MRI machine /proton radiation (and a new form of electron radiation) on a gyro gimbals, which allows the delivery of the radiation at any angle in a three dimension picture. 

My doctor asked if I had chemotherapy in the past and my answer was “No!” I was informed that chemotherapy may kill your cancer but it also damages other body organs to the point you could die from damaged organs in the long run.    

You ask why am I sharing this personal information with you. 

I have been informed as to who would build a proton radiation hospital located in our area at no cost to the taxpayer. We could have a Proton radiation hospital in the upper part of South Carolina. A private investor has built three so far (two in Tenn. and one in Fla.). This investor also invented the PET SCAN Machine, which he sold and has now taken an interest in proton /electro radiation cure for cancer. Why would you not want a better choice for you and your family who is diagnosed with cancer? You do realize that 1 in 2 women and 1 in 3 men will develop cancer in their life time? Next week I’ll share with you why we don’t have this modern cure for cancer in South Carolina.

Your elected officials want you to vote for a $40,000,000 tax increase to improve your quality of life.

I ask, PLEASE take an interest in this information. It will improve your quality of life! It very well could save your life or the life of a loved one. 


Jayhue Weisner,


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