Time is Priceless


My grandmother always told me, if you want to know what a person values, watch where he/she spend their time.  It took me a very long time to understand what she meant, and I have pondered over it for years.  But like everything else in life, it finally clicked and I understood exactly what she was talking about.  

A person can spend their money any and everywhere, but it’s where they spend their time that can truly give you an insight as to who they really are, on the inside.  A man can say that he loves his wife and kids, but never really spends any time with them; however, he buys them everything they want.  Don’t by any means get this all twisted up because I am not saying that he doesn’t love them at all; I am saying that maybe he values his money more.  He works the long hours because he wants his family to be happy and have all the material things that their hearts desire.  

Yet, is that really true? Does his family really want all of those material things, or would they rather have a little bit more time with him? Each family is different and each person is different, yet the concept still remains the same: “the love of money is keeping him away from his family”. 

One thing in life we can’t buy is time.  Time is the one thing that is priceless and once it’s gone, it’s gone.  I am by no means saying, don’t work long hours because your family does have to eat and have shelter.  But what I am saying is, maybe instead of working so many hours to buy the latest gadgets, spend a couple extra minutes with your family. Share a few extra laughs with your kids and take a few extra minutes to phone that long lost cousin that you have spoken to in years.  

One thing for sure, we are all going to die at some point, and that clock will finally stop ticking.  At that very moment, no more memories  can be made, no more laughs can shared, and no more hugs can be felt.  I know we live in such a materialist world but at some point, you have to stop and value people more than things.

My grandmother has passed away, but the memories and the many lessons that she has taught me, still lives inside of me.  No amount of money could ever amount to the many feelings and emotions that are stored in my heart.  She always knew the value of time and often reminded me that one day she would not be here.  As much as I hated for her to say that, I always knew deep down inside that it was true, and one day she would be gone.

Time, the one thing money can’t buy!


(Lacresha Dowdy is a graduate of Clinton High School, Piedmont Technical College, and Claflin University in Orangeburg. Since December, 2009, she has been the City of Clinton, Municipal Court, clerk of court.)

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