Vic: Human Kindness


Today, I am donating my space to Connie Post and her daughter, Cadence, of Laurens, and to a special person they met.


Autism Awareness Win Today!

I had to go to the Dollar Tree for some necessities today (for real) and Michael was at work and the rest of the teens asleep and Cadence wanted to go somewhere.

This girl hasn't been anywhere in weeks and I don't have the words to explain it to her. Occasionally we go through a drive thru with her and it usually will suffice for an outing.

But back to the Dollar Tree. I decided to go ahead and go and take her with me instead of waiting for someone to be able to watch her. I was very nervous about it and asked the Lord to help her stay away from people. She has no concept of personal least not your space. She may not always want you in hers, but she will definitely get into yours! 

So I got what I needed quickly and we went to the craft aisle where it took her FOREVER to pick out this coloring sheet. But not a single person walked down the aisle while we were there. Then we went to pay and not a single person walked up behind us or was in front of us when we got to the register. (Thank you God for answered prayer).

But then she wanted a popsicle and it took her FOREVER to pick one out. I tried to prompt her a couple times to pick one while the lady was waiting for her since she had already rung up the rest of my purchases.

So I explained to the lady that she had autism and sometimes it took a while and I was so grateful that we were able to come in and still socially distance because Cadence had not been out in such a long time and personal space was a struggle. So this sweet lady said I could bring her in during the first hour they have open for vulnerable customers if she needed to come.

Then she went on to tell me that she worked with special ed students in the school district and that she had actually been to Project Hope to help with some testing for Cadence that she has to do each year from the district. So she totally new Cadence even though I didn't know this lady from Adam!

But she was just super nice and helpful and quite frankly Cadence needed to leave the house for a few minutes and needed someone nice and helpful .... and so did Cadence's mom.

Human Kindness for the Win Today! 


April is Autism Awareness Month. The Chronicle’s autism information pages were published on April 15. But, remember, every month is Human Kindness Month.


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