VIC: Who has to die for us to care?



The rate of black deaths from the COVID-19 - Coronavirus is at genocide levels.


I read that 80 PERCENT of the deaths in Georgia are African-Americans. In South Carolina, some of the hardest hit smaller counties have substantial African-American populations. Too bad there isn’t an African-American leader on the national front with enough of a profile to demand an end to this atrocity.


Ben Carson is a member of the Trump Administration, but he seems unlikely to be a leader. Nobody really wants to Buck The Boss in the White House these days. There are some African-American Mayors but they have their hands full just managing day to day. Black Ministers could step forward - none have. On May 5, the Trump administration announce a group that Carson leads would begin to study the issue.


I just can’t help but feel that if the shoe were on the other foot, much more would be done to protect “us” from COVID-19 - Coronavirus. Yes, it has about an 80% survival rate, worldwide - closer to 78% in South Carolina - but you’ve got to wonder “survival at what cost?” From everything I’ve read, COVID is a terrible way to die - if you have an underlying health condition it makes it worse; if you don’t then your lungs start to rot and if the lungs don’t get you, kidney failure will; people in their 30s die of stroke because by the time they recognize the symptoms, it’s too late; healthcare professionals are dying by suicide because the constant exposure to death is overwhelming. Most of the time, a hospital won't let you be there as your loved one passes away with the COVID-19 - Coronavirus.


And you can forget about a Vaccine - people won’t take it. People just aren’t scared to death of the Coronavirus. My parents, they were scared to death of Polio. I got the shot (scar) and the sugar cube. We all lined up for it - mom and dad made sure of it, and if they didn’t they got an earful from grandma and grandpa. These days, it’s like the Flu Vaccine - everybody knows it doesn’t stop the flu. Never thinking that if somebody GETS the flu shot, then DOESN’T GET the flu, that is a win. We figure, “Well, it just wasn’t my year.”


Coronavirus is going to fade out in a while, then come back on us in the fall, when we’re all packed in together watching football. Somebody’s going to cough, then there will be a hot spot. Nobody will observe a stay-at-home order, the government can only cry that wolf once. “Imposing” and then “Extending” such an order will have no effect - we had one in South Carolina, and nobody’s staying home. We’re just not made that way.


We have to have things “the way they’ve always been.” Forget about the fact that South Carolina is surrounded by high-rate Coronavirus states - Georgia, of course, where more than A THOUSAND people have died; Florida, Tennessee and North Carolina. And there is no instrument in place to protect our borders. When our hair salons remained closed, people from here went to Georgia to get a haircut. For my money, I wish they’d just stayed. We have enough virus in our own state, thank you very much, without importing some more.


(Vic MacDonald is editor of The Clinton Chronicle. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The Chronicle. MacDonald can be reached at 833-1900 or


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